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70% of College Students want to take action on Climate Change

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Grantham College hosted 4 workshops by Saving Our Planet which showed that students were overwhelmingly in favour of taking action on climate change. Questionnaires completed at the workshops showed 70% of students wanted to take action on climate change.

Saving Our Planet team member Charles Appleby worked with staff members of Grantham College in Lincolnshire, UK, to lead four workshops on 16 March 2018 under the heading of “Climate Change Threatens to Wreck Our Planet – What can you do about it?”

The majority of the students already felt concerned about climate change. Most of the others said they had not known about climate change (so here was their chance to learn!). After the workshops, completed questionnaires showed that:

–      70% wanted to take action on climate change,

–      78% responded “Yes I want to reduce my CO2”,

–      38% said “Yes, I want to remove my CO2 Footprint,

–      43% said they thought the presentation was “very useful”, and

–      16% said they wanted to volunteer for  – “your easiest way to help stop climate change”

Some student reactions after the workshops:

“I learnt a lot.”

“Makes you think about the World.”

“We learnt a lot about CO2 emissions.”

“I have more of an understanding about climate change and how it’s affecting everything, and what we could do to help reduce CO2.”

“I loved to find out more about our earth and climate change.”

“Particularly helpful was information about how many trees are needed to remove CO2.”

Mos Kalbassi, the Chair of Governors, attended one of the Workshops and gave personal testimony of how in the last 50 years climate change has changed the environment in the Middle East. He said that before coming to the UK at age 15, he was brought up in Isfahan, Iran, a place famed as a garden city. There was a river at the bottom of his family’s garden. Now that river is permanently dry and you can drive a car along it!   During his own lifetime, much of the Middle East has become dry and dusty.  “This is a very important subject for our college and young students,” M Kalbassi said.

Asked what they are doing now about climate change, several students mentioned recycling.

The enthusiastic support we received shows that more needs to be done to inform young people about climate change – its causes, threats, and solutions.  Saving Our Planet looks forward to further opportunities to talk to students and young people.

If you are a teacher or educator and would like to get involved in informing your students about climate change and what they can do about it, please contact us at .

See to learn how you can make a personal contribution to stopping climate change.

– Charles Appleby

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