Dilemmas: Some important problems are not discussed.

Let alone solved. And for different reasons.

Dilemmas: Some important problems are not discussed.

Let alone solved. And for different reasons.

Some of the Reasons Important Problems not Discussed:

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For instance because it touches the lifestyle or core values of a great many people.
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A theme may have a tradition of splitting a population in pros and cons and making the parties deaf to the arguments of the opponents.
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Financial Interests:

Many important debates seem to reflect financial interests rather than science and facts.

The links below are some of the most important dilemmas we face:


To succeed in transitioning to a fossil-free world, we have to rely on clean energy. One of the crucial questions is whether or not we can do that without including nuclear energy. We´ll look at the arguments. Post Carbon Energy - What energy mix?

Post Carbon EnergyLearn More


Some say that animal food production is responsible for 18% of the CO2 emissions on the planet, there is not much discussion about this. Because of ignorance? Taboo? Let´s investigate and find out. The Future of Food - What to do about animal agriculture?

The Future of FoodLearn More


Consumerism seems to be the most attractive contemporary 'religion'. This is an important part of the cause of climate change. A transition to a low consumption society is urgent. Can we do it in time - and how? Growth vs Degrowth - Find out more about the necessary transition.
Growth vs DegrowthLearn More


Capitalism with its inherent demands for eternal exponential growth, is an important driver of the mechanisms creating climate change. Climate change vs System Change? Understanding economics - interesting resources on present-day capitalism and what we need to do about it.
Understanding EconomicsLearn More


It seems a taboo to question the individual right to decide how many children you will give birth to. But the population growth on the planet is an important factor in the climate crisis. How many are too many? Why do we not want to hear about population growth - and what can we do?
How Many are Too Many?Learn More


We need to make the necessary transitions to a fossil-free society very fast, in order to avoid some serious tipping points and with that a runaway climate change beyond human control. How soon is too late? And how to come up to speed.
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