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Another Nuclear Pride Fest

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Another Nuclear Pride Fest

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The Nuclear Pride Coalition, an international group of nuclear energy enthusiasts, is building upon the success of its Nuclear Pride Fest in October 2018 in Munich to host another celebration in Brussels on Sunday April 28th.

The Nuclear Pride Coalition considers that nuclear energy has a rightful place in a carbon-free energy mix. It does not pollute, emits no CO2 during operation (and only a small amount during a plant’s entire life cycle), takes up little space and is among the safest of energy sources even considering accidents and waste disposal.

The Nuclear Pride Fest will be held on April 28, 2019, at the Carrefour de l’Europe, in front of the Brussels Central Station.

The energy situation in Belgium is worrisome because nuclear power is scheduled to be phased out in 2025. Over 50% of Belgian electricity comes from nuclear. The plan is to replace the shortfall with subsidised, CO2-emitting gas plants. Belgium’s energy future is uncertain

For more information on Nuclear Pride, look here and here.

Julie Wornan

April 2019

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