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Climate mobilization now in DNC platform

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Climate Mobilization Now in DNC Platform!

Mobilizers celebrate across the country on National Climate Mobilization

This post was posted under the former name ‘Saving Our Planet’

From our Allies, The Climate Mobilization:


We have some thrilling news.

In a shock decision, the Democratic National Convention platform committee voted overwhelmingly Saturday night to include language in the party’s platform championing a “World War II-type national mobilization to save civilization” from “the global climate emergency. See the video of Russell Greene’s and David Braun’s awesome speeches and the vote here:

The full text of the amendment reads:

Democrats believe it would be a grave mistake for the United States to wait for another nation to lead the world in combating the global climate emergency. In fact, we must move first in launching a green industrial revolution, because that is the key to getting others to follow; and because it is in our own national interest to do so. Just as America’s greatest generation led the effort to defeat the Axis Powers during World War II, so must our generation now lead a World War II-type national mobilization to save civilization from catastrophic consequences. We must think beyond Paris. In the first 100 days of the next administration, the President will convene a summit of the world’s best engineers, climate scientists, climate experts, policy experts, activists and indigenous communities to chart a course toward the healthy future we all want for our families and communities.

This is a HUGE step forward. Our advisor, Philip Sutton, who used to work as an Australian government official, described the importance of the amendment this way:

In my experience as a political operator in government circles (I was one once!) this platform hook is exactly what is needed to move a policy initiative into the mainstream. Right now it looks like political rhetoric (and it is) but with further skillful campaigning this can be a critical lever for getting the next steps in the real world.

The timing could not have been better. The DNC platform committee adopted the climate mobilization language on Saturday night, and on Sunday 14 local TCM chapters held local events calling for Climate Mobilization! Organizers were able to announce this amazing news, demonstrating concretely the power and importance of grassroots organizing.

We are compiling photos of the various events here and will be having a de-briefing call tomorrow, Tuesday at 8 pm. Please join us to hear reports from organizers about their events!

While this is a huge step, it is just one step. To quote Cornel West, “We got to keep the focus on the gap between declaration and execution.” Much of the language in the platform is very weak. The platform committee retained language calling for an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and rejected amendments that would have embraced a national fracking ban and rejected the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Next week, we’ll release a first draft of the Victory Plan, which we hope will open up a major conversation about what the policies of a real WWII-scale Climate Mobilization might look like. Our hope is that the conversation the Victory Plan starts will profoundly impact the summit the Democrats have committed to hold in the first 100 days of the next administration.

We are going all the way. We are going to commence this mobilization, and make sure it succeeds in protecting civilization and the natural world. Please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a Mobilizer-Backer and committing to a monthly contribution.

YUGE thanks to Russell Greene for making this happen!


Margaret, Ezra, and Nicole


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