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Drought haunts Africa’s East Coast

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The El Nino weather phenomenon exacerbated by climate change is causing drought, failed crops, dying cattle and starvation in eastern Africa. Somalia has been the worst hit, where 40% of the population now depends on food aid and 70,000 children are in danger of starvation.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania are also suffering from the drought.

Although drought conditions are common in the Horn of Africa at this period, the current situation is particularly alarming – even worse than the drought that devastated the region in 2010 and 2011.

El Nino is a recurring climate phenomenon associated with warming of a part of the Pacific Ocean and responsible for extreme weather patterns worldwide. It is possible that climate change is causing El Nino occurrences to be more frequent and more severe, although more research is needed to be sure.


  1. These droughts are going to increase due to climate change, deforestation, overpopulation, aquifer depletion. Only with massive help to educate women, reduce child mortality and reduce the number of children. We need massive reforestation, soil restoration and water management efforts paid by the rich nations by putting a tax on carbon-dioxide emissions and use those to reforest and restore countries like Somalia. By putting the young people of for instance Somalia at work to restore their country and pay them a salary to do it, can we hope to beat back the chaos. We have little time, the Earth’s systems are changing because of us. The move towards a sustainable form of living on this Planet must be fast and it must tackle inequality and our threat to other life on our precious Planet.

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