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Environmentalists need to reconsider renewables & nuclear

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This post was posted under the former name ‘Saving Our Planet’

About environmental NGOs and Nuclear Power:

We´ve met a few people lately who are seriously aiming at a world with max 35-40 % energy consumption (Consequence of David McKay´s work, who evaluated that available resources this maximum power output as the upper limit to renewables, because, contrary to popular belief, renewable energy sources are neither freely nor infinitely available), meaning a non-consumerist society, reduction of the current global population to less than half, and probably stopping or at least putting a solid brake on technological development and gadget use.

That seems to be the scenario many environmentalists are accepting – without describing it in detail.

At last, all environmentalists seem to agree about the speed and depth of the problem.

Then, at Saving Our Planet, we just wondered why it might be better to kill half the population than accepting a minimal loss of lives as a consequence of including Nuclear power in the packet.

So, we looked more deeply into the subject: it turns out that, again, contrary to popular belief, nuclear power did kill a few thousand people since its beginnings in the fifties, but that’s much less than any other source of energy, renewables included, as shown in the graphics hereabove (death count per unit power output).

So in fact, using just a little nuclear power, saved millions of lives !

What if we did more ? What is the upper limit (because, just like for any source of energy on a finite planet, there ought to be one) ?

And here is what we found:

  • We can actually do more nuclear power, while making it both sustainable and renewable !
  • We cannot build nuclear power plants everywhere, so other renewables (RE) are the perfect complement to renewable nuclear (RN)
  • The technology already exists, is safe and available, is or has been operational in several countries, including France, Russia and the USA, so some startups are planning to improve the concept and propose even more effective solutions to climate change.

So what is the world waiting for ?

Can we make the good people at other environmental organizations (Avaaz, Greenpeace, WWF, NRDC, Sierra Club) do the math and come together for a sustainable common future under climate change ?

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