Fukushima 2017

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This post was posted under the former name ‘Saving Our Planet’

Since 2012, people living in Fukushima could have come back home relatively safely. Now that they are officially allowed to return, some NGOs are warning that radiation levels render it too risky.

These NGOs have apparently not done their homework, and their overestimates of the risks of radioactivity are doing the Japanese people a great disservice. In fact, the exposure and contamination levels in Fukushima are lower than in many inhabited locations in Finland, Corsica or Brittany.

On the beaches of Guarapari, Brazil, a popular tourist destination, exposure to radiation can be as high as 175 mSv per year.

Ramsar, in Iran, has some inhabited areas with the highest known natural radiation levels in the world. Ramsar’s radium-rich hot springs are appreciated as spas by both tourists and residents.

Saving Our Planet stands by the rights of the Fukushima zone inhabitants to come home now that it’s as safe as in any other radioactive area where people enjoy a good quality of life. We prefer to deal with the real dangers, climate change and air pollution, for which coal power plants are largely responsible.

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