How this Website can help you.

Three important ways help can help you:

How this Website can help you.

Three important ways Saving Our Planet can help you:

A wake Up Call for Climate Change:

It seems many people know that Global Warming is happening and that it is a consequence of human activities.

Still most people go on with 'business as usual'.

For many reasons. One of them is the idea that someone else will solve the problems.

Another is the feeling of personal powerlessness, which in turn leads to apathy.

Finally many people obtain a mental distance to the problem by imagining that the problems are far away in time and space.

The reality is, that Climate Change has some very real consequences here and now, and we have only a very short time available for action aiming at preventing the worst thinkable consequences: That the planet becomes uninhabitable for human beings.

We need a mobilization!

Inspiration for Climate Action:

Most of the problems the world is facing are psychological in nature. It has to do with different levels of denial.

The basic form of denial is intellectual. Denying that Climate Change is real and is man made.

The next level of denial is emotional. Accepting that Climate Change is real and manmade, but not being emotionally affected by it. Living life as if it is something remote that will not affect your life seriously.

The third level of denial is political. Accepting Climate Change intellectually, being strongly affected by it emotionally, but not acting accordingly. Not using the knowledge and emotions to inspire political action.

These three kinds of denial are very essential in preventing humanity from stopping Global Warming.

A major purpose of this website is to help you to become intellectually, emotionally and politically and practically involved in the battle to save Civilization.

We need you!

A Gateway to Climate Change:

All over internet there are many important resources, useful to get inspiration for Climate Action.

– Sites for learning
– Sites for action groups
– Sites for transition
– Technology sites
– Scientific sites
– Blogs and debate fora
– Articles
– Book and movie reviews
– Collections of movies
– Mobilization sites
– etc etc.

Our blog and news section will introduce you to, and keep you updated on, what´s happening on the most important of these sites.

We will supply you with important reviews and news about anything relevant to climate action!

We all need each other in this battle, so please join us!