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Priorities: Missiles or the Environment?

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Priorities: Missiles or the Environment?

The USA think tank Foreign Policy in Focus wisely suggests a reevaluation of our most pressing problems, noting that North Korea isn’t the biggest threat to the world. Climate change is.

Excerpts from the article:

The threat of climate change to the Korean peninsula over the next 30 years is enormous. …

Koreans have experienced the yellow dust blown over from the spreading deserts in China, turning their skies grey and causing respiratory diseases. But the flow of dust from the deserts is just starting. The terrible combination of droughts followed by torrential rains that wiped out Korean agriculture this year is going to get much worse. The air in South Korea is full of micro-particles given off by outdated factories and coal-powered power plants in Korea and China. If the sort of planning for the regional biosphere had been made that has been made for wars with North Korea, South Korea would already have a sustainable economy with minimal pollution. Sadly, security policy in Seoul rarely takes into account dropping water tables, failed aquifers, or the rapidly spreading arid land throughout China and North Korea.

Seoul recorded the second worst air quality in the world on March 21 2017.

Alas, South Korea is not the only country that’s failing – catastrophically – to get its priorities right. The USA budgets over $600 Billion for its military, but only $8 Billion for its Environmental Protection Agency.

Julie Wornan

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