Saving Our Planet – 5 facts you must know about Climate Change

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5 facts you must know about Climate Change

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24 June 2017 

  • Climate change is the greatest threat to us, our planet and all wildlife.
  • Climate change is because we are all emitting way too much CO2 – in the UK we emit around 9 Tonnes of CO2 per person per year. This is around double what can be absorbed naturally by the earth, plants, trees and oceans
  • Too much CO2 is in the air because around 80% of our energy comes from coal, gas and oil. We have to shift to energy from other sources. We must also stop deforestation (causes 20% of CO2) and reduce CO2 from agriculture (causes 10% of CO2).
  • World leaders agreed to limit global warming to 2° So why is there still no plan for how to achieve 2oC?
  • Urgent action to reduce CO2 is essential to avoid catastrophic climate change which wrecks our planet, kills wildlife and destroys our children’s future

Are you concerned about climate change?  N0CO2 is an initiative of Saving Our Planet which has been designed to make it easy for you to take action to fight climate change.   N0CO2 includes compensating to remove your CO2 from the air, makes it easy for you to reach out to others, and to join in and be part of a movement dedicated to people across the World all working together to fight climate change.  This will be launching later in 2017.  See or email us at to register to receive further information about N0CO2.

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Saving Our Planet provides essential information, training and videos about climate change – the real truth about climate change.


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