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Stand up for nuclear

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Stand Up for Nuclear is a celebration of nuclear energy’s contribution to clean, zero-emissions, reliable electric power. Nuclear energy is Europe’s largest source of carbon free electricity.

On October 20th, activists in over 30 cities around the world will stand at train stations, central plazas and public parks, to educate people about the importance of nuclear power and address widespread myths. The day of action is hosted by the Nuclear Pride Coalition, an alliance of independent civil society organizations committed to saving and expanding our most important source of clean energy. 

“Only nuclear can lift all humans out of poverty while protecting the natural environment,” says Michael Shellenberger, the Coalition’s founder.

A uranium pellet the size of a thimble supplies the energy equivalent of one ton of coal and emits zero CO2.

The keystone event will take place in Paris, at the Fontaine des Innocents (Place Joachim du Bellay) on Sunday 20 October from 10 am to 4 pm. Stand Up for Nuclear will be a family event, and children are encouraged to attend.


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Nuclear Power Can Save the World

As young people rightly demand real solutions to climate change, the question is not what to do — eliminate fossil fuels by 2050 — but how. Beyond decarbonizing today’s electric grid, we must use clean electricity to replace fossil fuels in transportation, industry and heating.

As the enormity of the climate crisis sinks in and the hoped-for carbon savings from renewables don’t add up, nuclear can become the new green.

If Nuclear Power Is So Safe, Why Are We So Afraid Of It?

Study after study in top scientific journals find that nuclear power plants are far and away the safest way to make reliable electricity. Why then are we so afraid of them?

If Renewables Are So Great for the Environment, Why Do They Keep Destroying It?

“Because water, sunlight, and wind are so energy dilute, renewable technologies require orders of magnitude more land and materials to produce the same amount of energy as nonrenewables.”

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