User guide.

How to navigate this site:

User guide.

How to navigate this site:

1. Read the 'About' section

This is a large website with even larger ambitions so we’d like to give you a few tips about getting around.
When you are here we suggest you start by reading the “about” section. There you will find out what this is all about.

2. Use your intuition

After that go back to the front page – “home” and scroll down the page.
Watch the the movie below: 'Climate Change is Simple'. That is your 'Wake up call'.
Then follow the links from the rotating cards: 'Challenges', 'Solutions' and 'You', and see where they lead you.

Play around with it. Follow links you are curious about.
And do take time to watch some of the movies you find interesting.

3. Then be systematic

Go to the menu, the 'Inside' tab, and read pages you did not find on your initial tour.
Be aware that external links will open in new tabs, whereas internal ones will not.

4. Understand the menu system

The menu item 'About' leads you to pages introducing the website, (who – what – how), and specifically introducing:

The Climate School,
The Climate Cinema,
The illustrated book 'Let´s save the planet', and
The sites under the 'Outside' tab.

The menu item 'Inside' leads you to pages on this site. 'Outside' is a gateway to other websites. The same goes for 'Film Collections Worldwide'. 'Norwegian' leads to websites in Norwegian language.

The Climate Cinema is an external website with a separate URL: